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Advertise on Google

Google Ads is a free online advertising platform that allows businesses to pay for their ads to be shown on Google’s Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) and across the Google Display Network. Businesses can use the service to get their ads in front of the right audience at the precise moment they are searching for products similar to theirs, making it a highly effective way to drive relevant traffic to a company website and increase conversions.

What Are the Alternatives to Google Ads?
  • Microsoft Advertising(formerly Bing Ads) :  Reach users of AOL, Yahoo and Bing search engines — not everyone spends all their time on Google! In 2021, this platform had 34% of the US PC market share.
  • Amazon Ads :  Ad products include sponsored products, display ads, video ads, custom ads and more.
  • Quantcast :  This web tracker helps advertisers to build up a profile of browser behavior, allowing them to connect with the most relevant audiences across the internet.
  • Facebook Ads :   This platform provides detailed user information that even Google can’t offer. Target ads based on the interests, demographics and location of your target audience.
  • Ad Roll :  This platform is best known for its retargeting capabilities, but it offers various advertising options. Ad Roll reaches 98% of websites, by partnering with Facebook Google, Yahoo and Microsoft.