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Transcription Services

The Lowest  (and probably most accurate) way to transcribe an audio or video file is to do it yourself. In other words, you listen to the audio file and type or dictate what you hear. You can do this with any number of programs, but it’s often cumbersome to synchronize media playback to your typing speed. The biggest disadvantage of this method is the time and effort it requires. Between laboring over every word, setting up the correct formatting, and reviewing the finished product, it’s enough to steer most people towards a dedicated service.

Automatic transcription services are the next step up from the manual approach. For this method, you upload files to a program that processes the audio quickly using automatic speech recognition (ASR) and spits back out a transcript. This voice recognition method sometimes includes extras that may not typically be free, such as time stamping and basic speaker identification. The downside of automatic services is that they are far less accurate than other methods. Otter, Trint, Temi, and Scribie all offer automated transcription services—Scribie also offers a human-based service.

Cost and Turnaround Time

Many transcription services charge on a per-minute basis. For example, a 30-minute transcription at Rs.73.40 per minute would cost Rs.2202.12. Costs can quickly add up, and some services bill extra fees for a faster turnaround, for verbatim files (including all the “ums” and “ahs”), or if the audio is of poor quality. Trint is unique in that it offers both a per-hour rate and a subscription tier for individuals and teams who need it to process multiple hours of recordings each month. Otter and Scribie’s automated transcription tiers are the only free options we’ve reviewed, though the former will eventually require a monthly subscription.

Advantages Of Transcription Services
  1. You save money – Employing full-time transcription staff in house is far more costly than finding a reputable company to outsource transcription to. You will have to pay for wages, benefits, overtime, equipment, and even training, as opposed to simply paying for the service.
  2. You save even more money – McGowan Transcriptions has a minimal project requirement of 20 minutes. This means you can have a series of 5-minute interviews transcribed when you need it without any hassle. You only have to pay for transcriptions you need when you need them.
  3. You have access to skilled staff – McGowan Transcriptions only employ well trained and experienced transcribers who know all there is about transcription, preventing inaccuracies and delays in delivery.
  4. Flexibility – we have specialists for every field, from medical transcription to legal transcription, etc.
  5. Outsourcing frees up your workers for other more important admin work – You can use your staff for what they know best, instead of forcing transcription work on them.
  6. Outputs are guaranteed to have superior quality – Thanks to well-developed techniques and access to the right tools and expertise, along with unrivalled professional transcribers, McGowan Transcriptions can provide you with 100% accurate transcriptions.
  7. Timely delivery – Specialised project managers are assigned to your project, ensuring timely delivery of finished output, in the exact format and style you specified.
  8. Customized delivery – Reports can be customized according to your requirements and preferences.
  9. Reliability – Well-trained ears for listening and eyes for proof-reading transcripts are at your disposal. We have a full Quality Control department.
  10. Eliminates multi-tasking – Your in-house staff can focus on their jobs instead of the added burden of transcribing data. Transcription requires full concentration to ensure accuracy, which is why it is important to have someone who can give special attention to the service.

Transcription Services In All Locations

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